One Person One Vote? Depends on Where You Live.



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Interesting that you cherry

Interesting that you cherry-pick and don't say that Texas's votes are worth even LESS than California's votes:

Daniel Campos 156 days ago

I am trying to discover where

I am trying to discover where in the constitution it is written that one person gets one vote? It seems that it wasn't originally written in the constitution. The first place I actually start to see it is in Ninth Amendment, which was written in 1789 (I think).
We grow up with that idea, "one person, one vote." But, the reality is that 538 people get two votes. I am totally opposed to the Electoral College.

Beverly 158 days ago

Beverly, FYI the 9th

Beverly, FYI the 9th amendment is part of the Constitution.

a curious fellow 154 days ago

Please do this for the senate

Please do this for the senate, the house, and the judiciary.
The PROBLEM of democracy begins with the constitution (which isn't democratic).

John Campion 158 days ago

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