Obama's Embrace of India's Rightwing Leader Provokes Concern



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The author is correct. Modi

The author is correct. Modi believes in Hinduism being dominant. MANY OF US INDIANS ARE STUPID.

Ajit more than 1 year ago

Irresponsible Journalism

Irresponsible journalism and a very one-sided view and interpretations of events. Has the author done the research himself or taken the views from other media outlets? Has he actually visited any RSS meeting and heard the 'zealots' talk? Its unfortunate that these heavily one sided views are expressed by journalists to readers who might not have any idea of the facts and the ground reality and hence take the article at face value.

It is also very irresponsible for the author to have written such a violent article, especially considering that he has written a book on non-violence. Yes, it is a violent article.... please re-read the article while being aware of your feelings, do you feel good or peaceful while reading it? Or do you feel agitated or upset? Do you feel angry with either the author or the persons / organizations he has portrayed? What can you gather about the author, does he seem like a peaceful person?

Mr. Pal, you have authored a book on non-violence and Islam, which is commendable. Request you to please follow your own suggestions, and be unprejudiced, patient and peaceful in your articles as well.

Harsh more than 2 years ago

You have no idea about RSS.

You have no idea about RSS. If you think you know about it by reading few articles, shame on you. Do you a proper research, you will know how it has produced many patriots in India.

Gokul more than 2 years ago

Many of 2002 and subsequent

Many of 2002 and subsequent criminal cases, including Godhra train burning incidence, subsequent riots, Akshardham attack, Haren Pandya murder, Tulsi Prajapati fake encounter etc are yet to attain closure. International community could help in mounting pressure on the state and central governments to solve these cases to logical conclusion and provide justice to the vicitms and under-trials.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

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