Obama Mashup Calls Charleston Killer a “Thriller.” All in Good Fun?



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No, your reaction is not

No, your reaction is not overblown. That video is part of a phenomenon that academics and other serious thinkers refer to as Society of the Spectacle, aka Death of the Real, first described by French philosopher Guy Debord in a book that explores cultural imperialism, degradation of human life, and other capitalist goodies. We see the "Spectacle" all around us these days, especially in the mainstream mass media and the gist of it is this: truth is profane and illusion is sacred.
I just learned about Debord's theories a couple of days ago, being fortunate enough to hear UW-Parkside sociology professor, Seif Da'Na speak at at UW-Madison event sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine. Da'Na referenced Debord in his talk about the roots of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Fran Zell more than 1 year ago

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