A Nurse in Michigan Helps Explain Why Working People Are Behind Bernie Sanders



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Yeah, Bernie is "honest,

Yeah, Bernie is "honest, sincere, and down to earth".....and a complete cypher when it comes to the concept of making any economic contribution to society. One could ask the question as to how many private sector jobs he's personally created, financed, and maintained if it weren't common knowledge that he never really even had a regular job HIMSELF until he was close to forty....and then (and since!) it was generally a case of his snuggling up to the public trough.

It amazes me how there can be people who think an individual who's been an economic failure himself is capable of leading a society down a responsible path? Other than "gimme, gimme" demands, what does Bernie have to offer? Not much, that I can see. Perhaps that lack is what appeals to the parasitic "the world owes me a living" crowd that make up his supporters.

Ken Meyer more than 1 year ago

Bernie... snuggling up to...

Bernie... snuggling up to... What????
Hillary.... born in the privileged class.... snuggling up to Wall Street casino gangsters.... poor thing was 'dead broke' after her husband's presidency... oh, hey, got that covered... a short speech here, there and deposit 250k in her bank account.... geez, I think we
need to send her $10 so she can get some pasta and sauce from the corner deli or maybe some beans for dinner...

Bernie has done things For The People, not for his own excellency status.... ask Burlington how it would have been if Bernie had let the real estate moguls build those Special Towers for $$$$ Folks (yep... like me) on... the waterfront.... instead of making the waterfront an area that ALL the people of Burlington and visitors can go to.... boating, bicycling, walking, watching the sunset over the NY Adirondacks... oh, what a parasite he was! Unlike Trump, Hillary, Mitch McC... sigh.... Bernie isn't 'owed a living'... he has worked for decades in trying to insure that people can make a living.... and enjoy the world around them.... Anyway.... I wish folks would do a little research before putting grumpy, foolish things up as a post... educate yourself, my friend, before your fingers hit the keys.... there are surprises to be found....

Gordon more than 1 year ago

Brandon Weber, You nailed it,

Brandon Weber, You nailed it, just as Bernie Sanders is nailing it. "Working People" have been taking it on the chin for too long. If we don't turn this around, Sen. Sanders is exactly right. The Koch brothers and all that feed from that trough in this country will turn our working class into no better than working class in a third world country. When they do, no category of working people.... manufacturing, construction, office workers, transportation workers, health care workers...ie nobody will be immune. CAJ

Charles Jinkerson more than 1 year ago

What Cheryl Weston said is

What Cheryl Weston said is absolutely true. The working people have been relegated to lower class citizens, when we used to be considered middle class and even upper middle. The people who are middle class now are the ones we used to consider "rich". During this regression of income and quality of life for the middle class, the obscenely wealthy have managed to buy our government, take over the Supreme Court, and have laws passed and enacted that ensure the majority of all wealth is funneled straight to them, which they in turn hide to avoid paying taxes. We are being crushed under the weight of inequality and injustice, and NO ONE in government today gives a damn about us. No one but Bernie Sanders, that is. He truly understands exactly what we're going through and has been trying to change the system from the Senate for decades. He's been the lone voice advocating for us for 30 years, and would continue to fight the fight alone if Elizabeth Warren hadn't come along. She, too, is the only other government official who really understands and isn't afraid to stand up and fight for us. If they can take on the rest of the government all by themselves just to help us, who are we not to stand up and fight for ourselves? That's why so many people are doing just that. We are dying, but we're not dead yet. As long as there is even the tiniest spark of life left in us, we will use every bit of it to fight for ourselves and others who feel the crushing weight of oppression. We've had enough.

Elayne Johnson more than 1 year ago

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