North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill Backlash Against Civil Liberties. Is it Legal?



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It's not necessary to use the

It's not necessary to use the PC-speak phrase “assigned at birth” in connection with transsexual and/or transgender people, especially when the description is factually and legally incorrect. Here’s why.

A baby who is born with a penis - and in that sense is arguably said to be "assigned at birth" to be a male - may of course have genital reconstruction surgery in which the penis is removed and a vagina constructed in its place.

No longer having a penis, the person is legally free to use the female restroom since, despite the so-called "assignment" at birth, she is now anatomically female.

In contrast, a person who is born with a penis, and continues to have a penis, creates problems for many when that person uses restrooms, showers, locker rooms, etc., which are nominally reserved for people with vaginas - especially when those people are young girls.

In short, the test is what genitals they have at the moment, not what genitals they were born with (i.e., "assigned at birth").


Public Interest LawProf John Banzhaf 365 days ago

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