Norman Stockwell to Be Publisher of The Progressive




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Norm is the best person

Norm is the best person Madison has going for it.
His experience in alternative media is outdone only by his personal qualities. He is first and foremost a human being.

Jennifer Loewenstein 276 days ago

So happy and proud of Norm's

So happy and proud of Norm's great work. He will be a wonderful asset and support for the magazine and peace work.

First met Norm at AMARC 3 in Nicaragua in 88, shared many years of community radio with NFCB and Pacifica. He is a true comrade, companero and role model for the next generation to keep the fires burning. Godspeed Norm and keep the faith!

I usually buy iccasional I must subscribe.

John Murphy 320 days ago

Norm has the dual amazing

Norm has the dual amazing qualities of welcoming openness and concise vision that will be a true asset to the Progressive. We will truly miss him at WORT.

Ted Putnam 324 days ago

Wonderful news. Irwin Noll

Wonderful news. Irwin Noll would be proud and encouraged I am sure, to know Norm is here.
Perhaps the ideal of what the word Progressive truly means will be recaptured from those who would abuse it, once again.
Best wishes and good luck to all as the work carries forward, Progressively.

Daniel Dixon 329 days ago

Great hire. Norm is a world

Great hire. Norm is a world-class journalist.

Jim Carrier 330 days ago

Norm is a perfect fit and has

Norm is a perfect fit and has devoted his energies in such a way that while we at WORT will be saddened by his departure, I am so proud of this landing spot for a media treasure.

Mister G 330 days ago

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