Nomi Prins Speaks Out on Why She Bolted Wall Street



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Nomi Prins is a very

Nomi Prins is a very intelligent and innovative writer. She has managed to gain the attention of millions of people while exposing Wall Street's
shadier side. She has written several best selling books and become a highly sought after guest speaker, whom the mainstream media cannot
get enough of.

Nomi Prins is also one of the best examples of controlled opposition in recent history, since her accounts of what she witnessed on Wall Street
are at best half truths, while she omits the most important truths from her written works and oral presentations.

For instance, Nomi Prins never once discusses how the Federal Reserve System counterfeits its currency or how its usury lending practices
to the U.S. Treasury are precisely why the illegal income tax was created. Specifically, as a way of enslaving the American working class to the Federal Reserve System through the creation of the IRS. - The Fed's collection bag man.

Ms. Prins also intentionally never makes reference to the political historian (Eustace Mullins) who first exposed the Federal Reserve System back in the 1950s, and who has been routinely imitated through many plagiarized works including G. Edward Griffin's The Creature From Jekyll Island.

Given his many fine books on the House of Rothschild and its control over the global population through this Satanic dynasty's use of central banks
to uproot legitimate governments and monetary systems, Eustace Mullins should have been considered the greatest political historian of the 20Th Century. Instead, the Zionist controlled media system has made certain to aggressively discredit Mullins at ever opportunity.

Nomi Prins' writings make her a marketable commodity. However, she is a false whistleblower because she is conveniently omitting the most important research ever done on the global banking system and how it is controlled by the Rothschilds' international banksters.

In short, Eustace Mullins was the real deal. Nomi Prins, like the myriad other controlled oppositionists making a living writing so called whistle blowing exposes, is nothing but a cheap carbon copy.

Jim more than 2 years ago

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