Netanyahu Still Swaying U.S. Congress



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It's incredible that Zunes

It's incredible that Zunes actually believes that all these Congress people gave all these standing ovations to Netanyahu because they are so stupid that they actually believe him despite his history of making similar false claims, rather than because of the power and influence of Adelson and AIPAC and the rest of the Lobby. Does Zunes also believe that those who gave Stalin rapturous ovations did so just because they really believed what Stalin was saying that emphatically?

Caruthers Sebastian more than 2 years ago

As an American, I resent that

As an American, I resent that the Speaker of the House upstaged our Commander in Chief in time of war by inviting Netanyahu without consultation. And I'm fed up with America being the big dog wagged by the tail of the most expansionist faction of Israelis. Don't these expansionists know we are aiding the most secular, least antisemitic groups around the whole Middle East since Bush 43 destroyed Iraq? Don't they know bombing ISIS risks our pilots being shot down (and graphically murdered) or more terror attacks against Americans? I challenge the expansionists to deal with FACTS that show the fear of Iran, or pretense of fear, is exaggerated.

FACT: The U.S. and U.K. overthrew Iran's first elected leader in 1953 and re-installed its' Shah (King). President Ahmadinejad made explicit threats to eliminate Israel. But he wasn’t all powerful. While President, he himself was arrested in April 2013, and a new president was elected in 2014. Iran has a fatwa, a religious prohibition, against nuclear weapons and has signed international treaties against nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Israel has not signed these treaties.

FACT: Israel has sufficient nuclear weapons to assure destruction of any Middle East nation that would so attack it. In "The NUMEC affair," by 1966, Israel got, without our governmental permission, up to 100 kg. of our bomb grade uranium. In 1986 Mordechai Vanunu revealed that Israel had enough nuclear material for 100 -150 nuclear weapons. Furthermore, Israel bombed an Iraqi nuclear plant and either Israel or the U.S. or jointly are strongly suspected of sabotaging Iran's centrifuges with the Stuxnet virus. Neither Iraq nor Iran bombed any Israeli nuclear facilities, nor sabotaged by computer any Israeli nuclear processing. By all accounts known to me Iran does not yet have even one nuclear bomb. Israel also already has delivery platforms for nuclear weapons, fighters, missiles even nuclear submarines.
FACTS of historical power realities. Israel forced Britain out with terrorist bombing and assassinations, and beat all Arab invaders in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. And it put down two intifadas with disproportionate casualties. The guerilla attacks of Hezbollah and Hamas, while painful, are not even close to stopping Israel’s policy of pushing Palestinians off land and settling Jews there.

Americans must demand that irrational fear, or its pretense, not sabotage the possibility of an agreement with Iran. “Trust, but verify.” The U.S. needs to return to the policies of military disengagement [from the Middle East] and containment by proxy. Disengagement and Containment saved us from nuclear war with the Sino-Soviet bloc and communism eventually collapsed.

Robert Cogan more than 2 years ago

Mr. Cogan, I associate myself

Mr. Cogan, I associate myself with your comments.

Orville H. Larson more than 2 years ago

Excellent analysis. Netanyahu

Excellent analysis. Netanyahu's ill-advised speech damaged relations with the United States, Israel's principal remaining ally in the world, and undermined the negotiations to end Iran's nuclear capability. His invasion of Gaza killing hundreds of women and children and his persistent construction of settlements in the West Bank on Arab lands have made Israel a pariah among civilized nations.

Ralph Deeds more than 2 years ago

Another illuminating article

Another illuminating article by Prof. Zunes about the Israel-US relationship that, however, always leaves a critical question about the relationship unanswered, namely, why are the overwhelming majorities of both parties and both houses supporting Israel?

Could the answer lie somewhere between fear of the power of the Israel Lobby (which he tends to either ignore or dismiss) and the need of campaign funds by well heeled Jewish donors?

Jeffrey Blankfort more than 2 years ago

The real damage Netanyahu has

The real damage Netanyahu has done to Israel is that he prompted ordinary Americans to ask, "Why are the U.S. and Israel so close?"

kafantaris more than 2 years ago

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