Netanyahu's Ugly Game in Gaza



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Thank you once again, Stephen

Thank you once again, Stephen Zunes, for an excellent, dispassionate article on the subject!

Romi Elnagar more than 2 years ago

Three innocent, unarmed

Three innocent, unarmed Palestinian teenagers were shot by Israeli police on May 15th, and two of them died. Israel initially denied everything, but video from security cameras surfaced showing the moment that bullets struck two of the boys. Then CNN discovered video it had taken that day, depicting a uniformed shooter taking long careful aim, and killing a young man who was no threat to him. See the video here:

But Palestinian life is cheap, so these murders may or may not be "investigated," but nothing will come of it, except to further embitter the grieving parents, and the greater Muslim community, who sees and reads about these murders, even if Americans do not.

As Wiki-leak documents have also shown, the Palestinians have, for years, been offering significant concessions for peace, and it is Israel that prefers the gradual acquisition of "Judea and Samaria" to peace, well protected and well funded by the U.S.

Bushfatigue more than 2 years ago

Accusation of anti-semitism

Accusation of anti-semitism and claims of reactions by a whole people obscures truth. The standard for Palestinian rights in Israel is not Saudi Arabia, it is the fundamental promise of equality fought for by Jews and other minorities for centuries, and still a struggle in almost every country, including the United States. Still, Palestinian Israelis have more rights than Jordanians, than citizens of Qatar, or Turkey? Ask a Palestinian Israeli. Yes, Hamas rockets terrorizing Israelis is abominable. Israeli bombs killing residents of Gaza is not justifiable, is not defense, is sowing more violence, is undermining the security of Israel, is outrageous.

Peter more than 2 years ago

Thank you, Professor Zunes,

Thank you, Professor Zunes, for reporting truth and analyzing the situation from a perspective unseen in most other media outlets. Disregard FMK's ignorant comment. He obviously doesn't understand that the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel is the root cause of the conflict.

FEM more than 2 years ago

The facts here are grossly

The facts here are grossly twisted, and only serve to,promote an even greater anti Semitic atmosphere. Think on begins with a kidnapping of 3 innocent boys. Upon discovery of their bodies, Israel mourns...Palestinians dance in the streets. An innocent Palestinian boy is also murdered. Israel mourns, Israel determines to find the murderers and prosecute to the full extent of the law. No dancing, no celebrating....this was an innocent child. Israeli officials meet with the griefstricken parents. And Hamas lobs missiles...hundreds of them...into southern Israel, have been for years...Israel withholds aggression for way longer than any other country being shot at! I was in Sderot, I saw the devastation. Think on this...the Arab citizens of Israel have more rights and freedom than Arabs in ANY other Arab country. Jobs, voting, etc. there are two sides to every situation, and this one-sided, mis-informed information helps no one.

Fmk more than 2 years ago

The strongest generator of

The strongest generator of Anti-Semitism is the Israeli State itself. Every time Netanyahu and his extreme right wing government wants to call Israel a Jewish State, as a Jew, I cringe! Their policies are horribly reflect on the morality of the Jewish People. That "my people" should be such bullies, harming and killing hundreds of innocents for what a few extremists do, make me rage! What's the score, 1000 to 3?

Steve Noren more than 2 years ago

No the facts are correct,

No the facts are correct, Israel is to blame. The Palestinians have been held captive for over 50 years on their own land. They're occupied by an ugly racist Zionist army. Israel considers Palestinians a demographic threat and punishes them for not being born Jewish. Once you research the facts , you have to be willfully ignorant not to see the injustice.

Nadeen more than 2 years ago

The facts here are the facts.

The facts here are the facts. Maybe it wasn't clear enough to you, but Israel right-wingers forced the suppression of news of the three teens' immediate deaths. This gave Israel the opportunity to invade Palestinian homes and detain Palestinians, whether guilty or not. This gave the right wing what they wanted - an end to the cease fire. The right-wingers are going to destroy Israel at this rate because more and more people now scorn Israel I fear. There will be no refuge for Israel if it turns into a fascist country. The occupation as it stands must end and the settlements on stolen land must be dismantled. Israel must return to following God, administering justice and peace.

Sharon S more than 2 years ago

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