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For those that are convinced

For those that are convinced that climate change is just a myth or that those who actively are working tirelessly to correct the current path which is highly contemneted with the belief that we as humans are invincible and the earth is here for us to exploit ....wake up!

Indigenous and traditional societies who value and cherish this earth are suffering because the "gold diggers" refuse to see the impacts of thier actions....the moto "profit at all cost" just does not hold ground anymore. Bottom line, the oppressor never could see the suffering of his victims or the injustice of his actions. Acknowledging your ignorance or conflict of interest to start with is probably a better way to go for those who have leaned better will never go back.

laylay more than 1 year ago

Seriously? You want me to

Seriously? You want me to believe that a government (ours), who could not even hire quality people to develop a working website in the 21st century is now capable of hiring people to lead us into saving the planet! Wow! Oh I'm sure our leaders with all their integrity would never hire their friends or political donors. That would never happen. Furthermore, the science on climate change has been changing over the years just like the science of eggs or coffee. I think this year eggs and coffee are good for us. But in the 70's we were warned about global cooling. The ice age was coming the media reported. Then we had global warming. Al Gore swore we would be under water by now. He had charts and models and science on his side. Now, conveniently, we call it climate change. Can't go wrong with that one. But how do you explain the cyclical warming and cooling of the planet before man crawled out of the sea? Moreover, in doing my own research, I prefer the warmer climate cycle than the ice age.

theresa more than 2 years ago

Ms Klein is right. We can

Ms Klein is right. We can still save the planet, and many of us are working tirelessly (and often invisibly) to do just that. She is also right in saying that this crisis calls for us to completely redefine our concepts of 'human community/the collective', its purposes, powers, methods, and structure. We can no longer afford to tolerate or support the madness of an elite that is totally out of touch with the consequences of their actions; we must withdraw our support and resources from that which destroys and redirect it into systems and methods that can rebalance and restore harmony to our environment, and promote sustainable solutions for humankind. This is a battle we win --or we all die. None of us can afford to sit on the sidelines.

Morgaine B more than 2 years ago




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