Nader Warns of Eight More Years of Corporate Clintonism



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Name is emblematic of the

Nader is emblematic of the phrase "no man is a prophet is his own land." As much as establishment liberals have crucified him since, Nader was right in 2000 and ever since. That's why, a decade later, the Occupy movement adopted his agenda almost verbatim.

As a resident of NY21, I'm glad I finally have the chance to vote for a great candidate like Funiciello. He is light years ahead of his opponents.

Brian more than 2 years ago

It is frustrating to be a

It is frustrating to be a liberal who sees the folly of voting for corporate hor [sic] democrats. For years I have tried talking reason to my fellow liberals, and I am not only rejected, but scorned and ostracized as "helping elect republicans."

I am afraid political ineptness and impotence is entrenched so strongly on the American left, there is little hope for any progressive policies in the near future.

Michel Montaigne more than 2 years ago

How can the NY 21'st

How can the NY 21'st independent support stealing money from the politically unacceptable and using the money to impose a failed pharma system on the public?

Fred more than 2 years ago

Come on. Please get a better,

Come on. Please get a better, higher resolution picture of Nader up there.

Concerned reader more than 2 years ago

I would love to see more

I would love to see more progressives like Rabel and Funiciello on the ballots and elected. But, the fact that the media and mainstream Democrats and Republicans are owned by the corporations and Wall Street, I don't see how progressives like these two have a chance to be elected. Hope I am proven wrong.

D. Lewis more than 2 years ago

Great article. We cannot go

Great article. We cannot go on supporting corporate dems because the alternative is "worse." The lesser of two evils unfortunately has frequently been more destructive (Clinton's NAFTA and banking deregulation cost us dearly, Obama's shredding the constitution, privatizing education, letting bankers off the hook (despite heavily exploiting his own race) and pushing TPP (which Hillary no doubt will see through) continues the tragedy.
We do need to support fierce honest alternatives. Winning with principles (and even losing) is far better than the current sacrificing of any and all principles in order to win. Winning with a Clinton or an Obama is still losing. We can do better.

Jim A more than 2 years ago

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