"Most Progressive Dem Platform in History" Hawkish on Foreign Policy



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I was impressed by Jill Stein

I was impressed by Jill Stein's campaign to close US military bases in foreign countries and cut the military budget by 50%.

She points out the US has 850± military bases outside the US and the entire rest of the world has 35 bases outside their own country.

Garrett Connelly 254 days ago

This is certainly true when

This is certainly true when it comes to the US empire of foreign military bases. No candidate has mentioned downsizing its approx 800+ bases on foreign soil- such as on Okinawa, where indigenous lands were taken by bayonets & bulldozers by both US & Japan that has continued for 7 decades- not for its defense, as Okinawans have protested for demilitarization for decades against threats to their public safety from accidents & toxic wastes, violent crimes, as well as ignoring their elections for self-determination & economic stagnation, and instead use Okinawa for forward deployment for new wars for over 70 years. Progressives have failed to rally around supporting the liberation of these US military occupations from "past" wars in their focus on wars-du-jour: can you picture permanent bases in Iraq or Afghanistan in the year 2086? That is what has happened with Okinawa, Korea, Guam, Micronesia, Hawai`i, etc. while folks on the continent are oblivious where their taxes are going, and on whose backs. Every administration regardless of party has been deaf to occupied peoples like Okinawans, continuing the early 20th Century cult of "the White Manʻs Burden" well into the 21st Century, as the self-proclaimed world cop- with a record of oppressing & hurting unarmed civilians/communities like their domestic police counterparts. This article is very consistent with US history.

uchinanju 274 days ago

People really need to watch

People really need to watch CLINTON CASH - free on youtube
The film exposing major corruption rackets by the Clinton Foundation where dictators and moguls provide hundreds of millions to the Clintons defrauding countries of their resources

Alessandra 276 days ago

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