The Militarization of the Police Is a Threat to Democracy



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The crimes in Ferguson are

The crimes in Ferguson are many:
First among many is of course killing an unarmed teen.
And then leaving the body for 4 hours.
Not doing a drug test on the shooter.
Destroying evidence.
Assaulting the protesters, false arrest, and denying civil rights.
Even profiting from a felony by raising money.

To my Knowledge neither the Ferguson Police nor Darren Wilson has ever actually made a statement about what happened, though some surrogates with no first hand knowledge described a scuffle near the car.

There are probably a dozen officers who should be facing criminal charges at this point. Mostly for obstruction and destruction of evidence.

To the larger issue of militarized police: it does not matter what equipment the own, they had no business using it. The aggressive policing goes back to the peace marches in the months leading up to the Iraq war and escalated with the Republican convention in NYC and the Democratic convention in Boston. The use of force against unions at the ports of Oakland and LA and the brutal assaults on the Occupy movement.

The law enforcement community needs to be taught a lesson, that they are not above the law and their job at a protest is not to end the protest but to ensure that rights are respected. The police need to know that they are subject to laws just as much or even more so than the protesters.

The sad truth is that instead of sending these bad cops to jail, their victims will only have recourse to suing the City of Ferguson. And then they will be force to pay for the lawsuits in raised taxes.

At this point there is not even an investigation into the vast majority of the crimes committed by the police in Ferguson.

TimothywMurray more than 2 years ago

Well now Americans can see

Well now Americans can see how Iraqis feel when they are occupied by an Army

Karim more than 2 years ago

Karim: The thought has often

Karim: The thought has often crossed my mind.

However, this is nothing new for poor communities here. Esp. Black, Latino and American Indians.

TLM more than 2 years ago

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