Menards Settles with NLRB, Agrees to Stop Violating Employee Rights



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I have not gone to menards

I have not gone to menards for years because of this and never will.

red 348 days ago

John Menard and family are

John Menard and family are like saints. They made something of their lives.
What do liberals do? Complain and smoke pot.
Remember the story "The Giving Tree". I'm going to write my own children's story against liberals. Instead of the "Giving Tree" my story will be called "The Taking Tick". It will be about a great strong moose called the USA. The taking ticks keep sucking the blood and reproduce until the weak anemic moose is sucked dry of most it's blood (money). Then the two bears, Panda and Bruno (China and Russia) see moose's weakness and attack and destroy.
But there will be a happy ending. With no more moose to suck on the ticks all die grievously of famine.

Anonymous 359 days ago

You're an idiot

You're an idiot

Anonymous 348 days ago

all Menard's employees are

all Menard's employees are liberals??? so because the Menard's made something of themselves then it's okay to screw over those that now work for them? wow, that's great! The Menards are TAKING from their hard-working employees by trying to SKREW them in an illegal fashion--wake up!!!

Guido 348 days ago

Sounds a little bit like fear

Sounds a little bit like fear mongering. Sounds a lot like Scotty Walker. Wait.... is this Scott Walker?

Employee of the month 340 days ago

And so it goes... Corporate

And so it goes... Corporate America and private billionaires violate federal laws and either pay a fine like the banks or are told to stop violating the law like this case with Menards. Meanwhile the average person is fined much more based on income or jailed. or in drastic cases like Sandra Bland wind up dead as a result of failing to use a turn signal to change a lane.
Or in Fla. case a man is facing up to 600 years when trooper searches his computer 'accidentally' without a warrant and finds downloaded porn, while Republican ex-Speaker of the House gets 18-months for actually molesting a minor.
As in Animal Farm, the pigs are 'More Equal' than the other animals. And so it goes...

max berry 360 days ago

You don't face 600 years for

You don't face 600 years for porn. You face 600 years for CHILD porn.

Loalasushi 348 days ago

I should've read the whole

I should've read the whole comment. The ex speaker did not get 18 months for molesting kids. The statute of limitations had run on that. He was charged with the transfer of funds. You have a point, which you detract from with misinformation.

Loalasushi 348 days ago

I wish Menard's wasn't owned

I wish Menard's wasn't owned by such an ogre. I'd love to be able to buy building materials there.

Ms. Renovation 360 days ago

Owned by an ogre?

My daughter works for this company an is treated 1000% better than she ever was at a union store. She also makes over $2/hr and $4/hr on the weekend more than she did at that union job. She lost over $200 to the union at that job while making minimum wage. When a company is already treating their employees very well, I can completely understand the lack of wanting to get a money hungry union involved.

Luvgsd 41 days ago

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