Medical research funding cuts could be hazardous to America’s health



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1. The United States spends

1. The United States spends two trillion seven hundred billion dollars yearly for health care. In addition that we spend hundreds of billions of dollars for Social Security Disability, Welfare, Food Stamps, Home Care, Special Transportation, etc. It is expected to go up to 4 trillion dollars by 2025, excluding Social Security Disability, Food Stamps, etc.

3. The Federal Agency for Health Care Research and Quality claims that the medical utilization of the top 1% of patients is 21% of medical expenditures. Five percent of the people spend 50% of the health care expenditures.

4. That means that the top 1% of the people, which numbers about 3 million people, spends 560 billion dollars yearly for medical care. The top 5% of the American population uses 50% of the health care expenditures. That adds up to one trillion three hundred billion dollars for the care. The bottom 50% of the population uses only 75 billion dollars.

5. If all people could be brought into the top 50% of healthiness the United States Health care medical expenditure would go from
two trillion seven hundred billion dollars to one hundred and
fifty billion dollars. That would be a savings of two trillion seven
hundred billion dollars yearly. In addition hundreds of billions of
dollars would be saved yearly on Welfare, special transportation,

6. The National Institutes of Health is the major medical research
funding agency of the Federal Government. It was cut 25% over
the last few years. The government was under funding medical
even before the cuts.

6. Every two days 9,300 Americans die of the top eight diseases. In addition tens of millions of people are suffering from disabilities that doctors can’t cure. Medical research must be an issue that we take on.

7. More Americans die every two days of diseases that doctors cannot cure then died in combat during the 11 years of the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. Yet yearly the United States government spends 50 billion dollars more for military and space research then they spend on medical research. There is no publicity given to this fact.

Alvin Steinberg more than 2 years ago

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