Medical Care Becomes A Right



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I strongly disagree with the

I strongly disagree with the concept that health care is a basic human right. A basic human right is somehting you possess by living, like the riight to speech and thought, and does not require taking resources from someone else for you to exercise that right. When a so-called "right" requires that the government take under threat of force resouces from someone else in form of tax money, it is not a right, it is extorsion. Now, we as a society can decide that it is a good and moral activity to tax ourselves and provide food, shelter, and health care to those who cannot provide for themselves, but that is a choice we voluntarily make in a democracy. Do not confuse that with a right. Nobody has the "right" to take my hard-earned income to pay for their health care than I have the "right" to take their money to pay for my vacation.

Joseph Stapczynski more than 1 year ago

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