McCarthyism: Then and Now



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It is a bit useless to

It is a bit useless to boycott private business and their product, the financial system is a separate non-entity, creativity should be dealt with objectively. That's why we have etsy. Lol. The uselessness though, that is pejorative

Racha 114 days ago

The commonality between Trump

One commonality between Trump and McCarthy is of course Ray Cohn.

Katrina 114 days ago

Oh man, I am so old I

Oh man, I am so old I remember this on t.v.......same old stuff, all over again with Trump and his Nazi gang. Yep.

suz 114 days ago

Hold on. Are progressives

Hold on. Are progressives saying it is wrong to call for boycotts of private businesses in protest of their public actions? Or do you change your policy depending on who's doing the protesting?

Billy 115 days ago

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