When Marriage and Social Security Don’t Mix



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I can appreciate their

I can appreciate their dilemma as I am disabled. I am expected to survive on 879 per month, and no one will provide me with opportunity to work. I am legally blind, not illiterate, and soon will be sixty two. Challenges often can be surmounting, and asking for assistance seems to be not only humiliating, but at the end of the day no one who has any substantial means seems to help. Not only are we dealing daily with disabling factors, we must be further humiliated by government. and selfish citizens. Not to worry though we will make it by the grace of God and those who still believe in helping fellow citizens.

CL Jones 237 days ago

SSA relies on people who get

SSA relies on people who get benefits to report changes. There is no governmental repository of info about people. At least not one SSA has access to. Anyway, there are many provisions in the laws making up the various benefits SSA handles which should be reviewed by Congress. That will take public pressure. In the meantime, I see no reason why SSA couldn't send an annual letter to people on benefits with an explanation of the type of benefits they receive, what changes could affect those benefits, and how to report changes. This is not to say I think Mr. Moore did anything wrong and I think it's a travesty that he owes that money.

Anonymous 241 days ago

The government needs to help

The government needs to help these people who are in need

Christina 243 days ago

I too have been burned by

I too have been burned by social security when I worked. The worker advised me to return to work and keep my receipts for transportation. Since I worked on third shift I was unable to secure any cheap type or handicap type transportation and I was unable to ride the city bus. Taxi's were insanely expensive and I finally found a friend to help out with cheaper transportation so I could make a little money. Finally I brought in the paper work to show them how much I made and they immediately denied that transportation saying the rate had to be approved by social security before I ever went to work. The worker who assisted me is no longer with social security and Never said anything about getting my transportation rate approved at the ridiculous rate of no more than 4.00 to work and back. Even Red Cross wheels wasn't that cheap for the distance required. Furthermore, they didn't even run during the time frame I needed them to deliver my body to work. Social security even said I should have went to work an hour or two earlier to ride Wheels. However, my employer wouldn't allow an employee to be on the property except during working hours, No exception! Looking back I don't know why I even tried because the government doesn't want anyone to succeed especially those they must help get back on their feet after having their leg severed. The government is why I had to go back to work because they allowed the old man, who cut my leg off to only buy 25,000 in insurance which didn't even cover my first surgery. Our government should mandate that no policy be sold less than 100,000. I could have died from my injuries and lost my job, yet the old man got off Scott free. I had to pay for rehab, my second surgery and support myself all with out a job because of his actions. He didn't own any property and was driving his wife's car. I couldn't recover any of my losses. Social security did help some but even then it was no where near what I was making prior to the accident. When I took a job making less to try to pay medical needs social security decided that I made to much even with medical deductions and transportation and tolded I owed them over 53,000. Thankfully they allowed me to set up repayment plan and then I had to fill for Bankruptcy protection. Lastly, I lost my leg, my self esteem, my job, my old life that day. When I ask a senator why they don't required people to carry at least 100,00 insurance especially since the man who hit me had been in 8 other car accident's yet still had his license, I couldn't believe his response. He told me that requiring elderly voters to carry more insurance, because they were high risk would cost him the election and he could more good elsewhere so he has to pick and chose his battles. Until it happens to someone in the government they will never change their policies.

Nimblefairywings 244 days ago

Consider helping Larry and

Consider helping Larry and Lydia out here: https://www.youcaring.com/larry-and-lydia-moore-581543

Crystal Bryan 245 days ago

Thanks for this link! We

Thanks for this link! We posted it on The Progressive's Facebook page too.

Progressive Web Editor 244 days ago

Another form of oppression.

Another form of oppression. I've seen it too many times.

Anonymous 245 days ago

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