Madison Responds to Tony Robinson Shooting



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All lives do matter to

All lives do matter to someone. I'm sure certain lives matter more and some less depending on the person you ask. The slogan " Black Lives Matter" is rather redundant, because we all know it to be true. I'm black and don't need to be reminded my life matters. I contribute to my community by working and being a good neighbor. I wonder if certain lives matter very much to victims of violent crimes. Especially home invasions and armed robbery victims.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

All lives matter. Including

All lives matter. Including the lives of people who are alive and need to drive down E Washington Avenue. Does the protest have to shut down a medium sized American City? Yes, the message is clear. Investigate this. But why alienate innocent bystanders? If you want to shut something down, have it be the State Capital or the Police Station. Then it only inconveniences the incompetent buffoons we call politicians and bureaucrats. Honestly, I don't even care if you shut down E. Wash. I don't drive there during the day. But you are going to alienate a lot of people who have lives to live and places to go and jobs. Just sayin'.

Joe more than 2 years ago

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