A Look At The Record: Bernie Sanders in 2011 Denounces Free Trade Pacts



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That's the problem. Most of

That's the problem. Most of us are very aware of the global mess to date. The problem is, understanding is not fixing and personally I fear that the monster behind the truth isn't going to allow one leader in any country to turn it around. As in all giant corrupt games.....join and get rich or get taken out. I wish there were a real answer beside eventual self destruction.

Regular person more than 1 year ago

Great rant, Bernie Sanders

Great rant, Bernie Sanders and every word of it was true, but I'm not a politician so let me remind people

Who did Barack Obama name as his "Job Czar" almost immediately after taking office?

Jeffrey Immelt.

Now. Bernie needs to answer this question:

How specifically would you fix trade if you were President?

Tariffs alone?

Industrial policy as per other socialist/fascist countries that subsidize state owned enterprises or what?

Jerry Weller more than 1 year ago

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