My Life on Death Row



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This article implies that

This article implies that every death row prisoner lives in these conditions. But articles about San Quentin's death row explain that many death row prisoners live in much better conditions.

The ones who end up in the worse conditions are there because they refused to behave in gen pop. Is this the same case here? It would have been good for the writer of this piece to have given a bit more background.

Jay 337 days ago

The moment you take a life

The moment you take a life then you forefeit your Humanity and become a thing less than an animal, so People who are murderers deserve every hardship they deserve. Another sickening Morons that Anti Death Penalty mob should campaign for a fairer Justice system that scrutinises the cops and make them more accountable. It is a sad fact that Cops are not (Some) as fair, and it is very possible that they are as guilty as the crims.
But for the crim who is proven guilty beyond any doubt, then He/She should have NO rights and should not be portrayed as heroes by the irresponsible media. noone looks at the vitims, no one syphatises with the with the family of innocent ones families....just all that BS for the sub-Human crims,who happened to find jesus in the death row, and They are not the same person so, lets all show our bleeding hearts for this for the victims...well too bad, wrong time wrong place...

Cyclops 350 days ago

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