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What on earth are wealthy

What on earth are wealthy people doing in a soup kitchen?

Howard roark 213 days ago

Libertarianism makes you

Libertarianism makes you stupid

Graham Hubenthal 226 days ago

The left has more in common

The left has more in common with libertarianism than most people realize. Respecting the rights of each and every individual, honoring everyone's right to make his or her own decisions, anti-interventionism in foreign policy and non-coercion at home, just to name a few. Lately I find myself much more inspired by libertarian philosophy than the grim, humorless technocrats that so many progressives are becoming.

Ranselaer 234 days ago

Jonathan Swift's "A Modest

Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" lives on. Thanks, Mike, for once again fulfilling Joe Orton's prayer: "Cleanse my heart . . . Give me the ability to rage correctly."

Victoria Lewis 237 days ago

Anti-libertarian bigotry is

Anti-libertarian bigotry is truly an ugly thing, especially considering they're fighting 'progressive' laws that forbid private housing and feeding of the homeless....

For what libertarians and fans are actually doing worldwide, see

Roberto 238 days ago

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