What I Learned At a Town Hall With Donald Trump



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Hi Maggie,

Hi Maggie,
Your internship at St Norberts, I know has you in the midst of a wealth of history and strategies for peace. Your experience at the Trump rally seems to have strengthened you. I wish I had been there to stand up with you. What has helped me when I am standing up alone is to close my eyes and picture all those around the world standing up in difficult situations. They stand with us, as we stand with them. Goddesspeed to you!

Jill more than 1 year ago

Maggie , your article was so

Maggie , your article was so well written and confirmed the very reason I'm so afraid of Trump and his ability to stir up negative feelings in crowds. I plan to pass this on to my friends ( on both sides of the aisle ) . Thank you for sharing your emotions.
Let's hope that the majority of the country
can see through his divisive approach as you have. Thank you.

Liz Taylor Tiernan more than 1 year ago

Not everyone is called to

Not everyone is called to stand in the face of those who promote evil. Some are called to tell about it. I suspect you are among the latter. Well done.

Heath more than 1 year ago

To Maggie: Thank you for

To Maggie: Thank you for communicating so eloquently a peaceful perspective of dissent from the Trump rally (I will not call it a Town Hall) at SNC. I stand with you.

To The Progressive: Thank you for running this story.

-Stephanie Kratz, SNC 1994

Stephanie Kratz more than 1 year ago

I will stand up with you! I

I will stand up with you! I have experienced how terrifying it is to stand up among a crowd that you know won't support it. And I can tell you how wonderful it is to do so. The wonder comes much later. And you were SO right to want to stand up!

Jean Douthwright more than 1 year ago

Hey Maggie,

Hey Maggie,

I was there, and had the same experience. I knew I should have stood, but was full of the same anxiety. I wonder how many others felt the same-- how many progressives were in the crowd who would have stood, if only somebody lead the way.

Greg Grohman more than 1 year ago

You make me proud of my

You make me proud of my beloved college. You, the quiet protesters, the students who have called for donations and were interested in my experiences so long ago. It frightens me that there was a crowd who supported Trump. I want to see that St. Norbert College, although open, still educates all students to think for themselves in ways that would not let them cheer him. A lifetime of beliefs and values learned from familiy and the good parts of Catholic education became clear to me as a History Major and turned me into a citizen who watches and protests (peacefully) and votes those beliefs and values. Along with much of the" free" world, I am ashamed of this movement that screams against all that I value and believe. It is necessary to hear him, ALL OF what he is saying and doing, discuss it, line it up against what you believe is right and VOTE.

Mary Allexi more than 1 year ago

First of all, thank you

First of all, thank you Maggie for your reporting, insights and integrity. When we are in a crowd of angry and emotionally and/or physically violent people, each of us needs quickly to calculate risk and potential return-on-investment. To save someone or speak up with the knowledge that you might actually be heard...that is reason to stand. I don't know what % of that audience was non-Trump supporters, but if you were only going to end up being a prop for an insecure bully and his true believers, you may have been wise in not standing. Sadly, this will not be your last opportunity to face those of the dark side. We have tough years ahead of us regardless of the outcome of this year's election.

Ben Ryterband more than 1 year ago

Don't hate yourself because

Don't hate yourself because you were too scared to stand up. We all get scared. We all fall short of what we hope and intend. You are obviously a brave and sensitive young woman. Keep up the good work.

DonnaB more than 1 year ago

This article written by

This article written by Maggie is another prime example of the liberal media taking everything out of context. I was also at the Donald Trump event at St.Norberts, I had the pleasure to meet Mr.Trump that day. Maggie's mentions in her article that Trumps message on success was to teach people- "always sit with people who are less successful than you," hence that is what Donald Trump said, Maggie failed drastically to mention that Mr. Trumps speech on success was about 1) always keeping your momentum so that success continues to generate 2) the harder you work the more luck you have. Which is indelibly a very true statement 3) to always have the mindset that you can achieve what you want by working very hard.

Also, Mr. Trump had some things to say about how the media never fails to take things he says out of context, and once again Maggie's article is a perfect example of this. It is sad to see another young person who has no knowledge of how The Establishment operates, rather she is caught up and uninformed about facts about Donald Trump because she too has fallen into the social norm of believing everything you hear on the news. Good try, Maggie but your article is so one sided it's not even funny.

Anonymous more than 1 year ago

Dear Maggie, I see from your

Dear Maggie, I see from your face how young you are! That is certainly no crime. I look at you and remember crowds and venues and protests from 50 years ago. You can't assume that standing up by yourself will have no immediate effect; you don't know what your fellow audience members are thinking, or what they will take away from the "town hall" or your potential action. You can't know what will happen to you, or whether your convictions will carry the day. All you can know for certain is whether you believe you are right or wrong. If you have never seen the footage or studied the era, google the civil rights struggle: the lunch counter occupations, the Selma AL march; Martin Luther King's "I have a dream speech." These things haven't ceased to be relevant just because they took place so long ago. So, don't sell yourself short. I'll stand up with you.

Sharon L. Noble more than 1 year ago

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