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I am basically an anarchist

I am basically an anarchist at heart.

However, Trump is over the top and offers no concrete plans to replace the status quo.

Lawrence 207 days ago


Congress controls the purse strings; meaning they are the ONLY ones that can do something about it.
If there are no jobs, it's because that's the way Congress wants it!

Dale Howell 208 days ago

I don't ascribe to the notion

I don't ascribe to the notion that Trump has connected with any of the issues confronting real Americans who are hurting. His followers are not that segment. His followers have shown themselves to be a group of purely ignorant racist whites who would rather burn the country down than help it grow. This is why the ugly tone that this embarrassment passing himself as a statesman is present where ever he and his minion gather. This is not about wanting change, this is about hating. So please do me a favor - don't confuse the two. There are legitimate individuals across the country frustrated with the status quo - but they need to look at the people they placed in office. That do nothing conservative, witless bunch running both the Senate and the Congress. They are the ones these people should take their anger out on by voting them the hell out. Instead they sit around complaining that the President is to blame - because they have lost touch with how this country runs. They haven't got a clue. So please let us be mindful and not lump real hurting Americans with the monstrosity or I should say #thebasketofdeplorables that constitute Trump followers.

Sam Mattingly 211 days ago

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