The Koch Brothers: The Extremist Roots Run Deep



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I was introduced to the John

I was introduced to the John Birch Society when a wealthy classmate took me to his home and his divorced mother had some of the society's publications on the coffee table. At one point, my classmate told his mother he couldn't believe she read such insane nonsense. A politically naive 17, I was shaken by the hostile rhetoric. Today, I have a different judgment about the current carriers of this tradition: Their words and actions are designed to subvert our nation's core, Constitutional principles and values. While they are not advocating for a direct, catastrophic violent revolution, they seek to destroy and discard the noble American Experiment. While they cannot be prosecuted as traitors in the legal sense of the term, I do not see why they could not be charged with either subversion (seeking to overthrow or destroy a government from within) or sedition (attempting to bring down lawful civil authority in order to overthrow the government).

Even the pursuit of this would shine an accurate light on what they actually are accomplishing "systematically" with their money, ALEC, etc., etc., etc.

David E. Roy Ph.D. more than 2 years ago

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