Killing the Spirit of St. Louis



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Nosmo King. You have a

Nosmo King. You have a selective memory. The Rams were playing to sparse crowds in Anaheim while they had Eric Dickerson, a premier RB at the time, winning division titles, and making the playoffs. They left when neither the state or city would assist with funding a new stadium. It took the Good Fairy Kroenke to bail you out 21 years later. Hope it was worth the wait to watch this dysfunctional mess!

Cosmo Kramer 313 days ago

The Rams "failed dramatically

The Rams "failed dramatically to find an audience"? How old are you, Mr. Zirin? The Rams' attendance was down in the final years in Anaheim because of owner Georgia Rosenbloom's mismanagement. I hold no brief for Stan Kroenke, but the Rams never should have left Southern California, where they had been since 1946.

Nosmo King more than 1 year ago

I don't know if Dave will

I don't know if Dave will see this comment. While O'Malley deserves some heat for moving to Los Angeles I am not sure it is totally deserved. Michael D'Antoni wrote a book called Forever Blue. He lays a lot of blame on Robert Moses for the Dodgers move. It has been a while since I read the book, but according to him O'Malley did want to stay in Brooklyn and did have a design for a new stadium. Moses wanted O'Malley to build the stadium in Queens. I am a little shaky on how he ended up going to LA.

sanford sklansky more than 1 year ago

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