A Just Cause, Not a Just War



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Howard Zinn is one of my two

Howard Zinn is one of my two heroes; the other is Dennis Kucinich. Both men understand the art of Dialogue, Mediation, and the importance of coming together with the so-called "Other." We must do Internationally and Domestically what we do in our homes and neighborhoods: Have a problem? Do we automatically Kill the "other?" or do we sit down, face-to-face and talk about the dispute and LISTEN. What most people every single time both want and NEED is Acknowledgement of the effects they are living with as a result of something WE have done. Then it's our turn to state why we have acted as we have. Together we mediate and stay with the dialogue until BOTH of us have been heard and acknowledged and, as adults, come to an agreement of mutual benefit and understanding for BOTH! There is NOT a "solution" that only favors One Side; that is Control and NO ONE lives with that for long. We are not here living in a vacuum. This Planet supports ALL Life on it, but it gasping and in near total ruin. Earth is tired and the People weary. Do a Search using Aleppo and then see the "face" of terrorists. Two beautiful young boys - one slightly older with his hand and arm reaching out to his younger brother. They look asleep, but they are dead. They are Syrians. Does that make them "terrorists" or just two more murdered innocents? This is the line in the sand. This is the time we STOP! NO MORE WARS!

Diane Bosc 221 days ago

This is the best anti "unjust

This is the best anti "unjust" war article that I've ever read.

Liam more than 1 year ago

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