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I think Kozol has an

I think Kozol has an excellent point. The purpose of his work is to showcase inequalities in our country that people have chosen to ignore for many years. If bringing these issues to light did not terrify people, he would not be doing his job correctly. Our country needs people who are wiling to discuss the less than pleasant details of our society. I think this is especially evident looking at recent events in Ferguson. So many people have argued that racism is no longer a factor in our country. That is so clearly not correct. Our nation is rife with systematic racism. Inequality is present everywhere. People who are willing to put themselves out there and discuss this issue in a meaningful way are the ones who are capable of creating change. If no one was offended or scared by the things Kozol writes, he would arguably not be writing anything worth reading.

Anna Scheibmeir more than 2 years ago

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