Israel Could Face War Crimes Jeopardy



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Wow no help :/

Wow no help :/

Joe more than 2 years ago

I hate feeing compelled to

I hate feeing compelled to write a reader comment to any article, but this is such an inflammatory, one-sided piece that every Progressive reader ought to respond to it -- and to any such pieces like it in the future. It seems that among all sovereign nations on earth, it is only Israel that is forbidden to defend its peoples, and that Hamas' ploy to embed their terrorist campaign smack in the midst of its concentrated residential areas and under cover of even UN-operated schools is legitimate. Or that it's OK for international organizations, like the UN and ICC, to be used to promote Palestinian/Muslim goals to wipe Israel and all Jews from the face of the globe. Shame on you, Progressive editors, for succumbing to such unjust, partisan garbage that's devoid of any sense of honest reporting balance. Mr. Pal's opinions are anathema to those of us progressives who seek to find peaceful solutions to the Mideast situation and offer nothing to readers except his thinly veiled hatred of Israel. Instead of addressing possible solutions, such as demilitarizing Gaza and taking other positive steps to ensure that its residents can enjoy fruitful and secure lives but are also held to the same standards of responsible, peaceful behavior that citizens of any other civil society are held to, he promotes using supposedly "neutral" international organizations to help spread the Intifada poison worldwide.

Dianne deVries more than 2 years ago

Well said! I have been

Well said! I have been reading articles on this website to determine whether or not I should subscribe to the magazine. It is unfortunately people like the author of this article that give a shameful rep to those of us who are progressives.

Jeff Cowen more than 2 years ago

Israel has a long history of

Israel has a long history of violating international law, including war crimes and crimes against humanity. Because it is backed to the hilt by the US, there have been no trials or enforcement other than UN resolutions of condemnation.

Robert Anderson more than 2 years ago

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