Islam, Hate, and the Texas Shooting



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"Duke University Professor

"Duke University Professor Omid Safi says that the blame for the Dallas incident can’t all be put in one place.

“Two groups are responsible for this violence: the two individuals who fired bullets, and organizations such as the Islamophobic American Freedom Defense Initiative (Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and company) that fan the flames of hatred,” Safi says."
Actually no, Safi. The only ones responsible for the shooting are the shooters. The only legitimate reason to shoot at someone is self defense. A cartoon contest, regardless of who is doing it and for what reason, is not a justification.
The only way Geller et al can be held responsible is if one agrees that Muslims are irrational and react violently and we need to restrict our speech so at to not risk upsetting them. That's the only conclusion one can reach from that argument.
Pal also takes a shot at Christians --
“I think anti-Muslim sentiment is on the rise, particularly among Christian Right groups such as the Family Research Council,” says Southern Poverty Law Center’s Beirich. “Hate crimes against Muslims seem to be in news every few days.”
Not really. But hate crimes *by* Muslims do seem to be in the news pretty frequently.

Tim N more than 1 year ago

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