ISIS's Brand of Islam Similar to U.S. Ally's



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If there was one country that

If there was one country that needs regime change...its the saudi house of terror.

willy more than 2 years ago

good job

good job

ashish more than 2 years ago

You don't know what salafism

You don't know what salafism is. These groups use the term to claim orthodoxy however salafism has principles and a methodolgy that is clear and known. Hence why real salafi scholars warned against bin Laden before he was known to the west and warned against his methodolgy to this day. You acknowledge and mentioned the statment of the head mufti of saudi arabia but you dismiss it as only a gesture. I recommend you read the book "The rise of jihadist extremism in the west" published by salafi publications and also look at the website or

This material while give you the orthodox "salafi" position on group's like isis and al Qaeda and those who follow their extremist methodolgy which is birthed by the writings of sayed qutb (politics under the guise of theology as apposed to theology)

This term wahabi is really a smoke screen to label orthodoxy, the problem is the term is mistakenly applied to real salafis and extremists with no distinction. I am not aware of any islamic grouop from the various different sects that refutes the terrorist methodolgy then the real orthodox salafi scholars. They don't just say terrorism is bad they actually analyze the theological texts that extremists mis interpret and they put them in their correct context in true light and dispel the curupt teachings of callers to extremism.

anwar more than 2 years ago

This may be true but it does

This may be true but it does not get away from the fact of where money and support has come from. But this support has, people are beginning to realise, in terms of military training, come from the west also. All parties need to come clean and take some responsibility.

Adam more than 2 years ago

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