Iraq Intervention Ignites Debate Among Progressives



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cowardly nimby progressives.

cowardly nimby progressives. Progs are really a naive and dimwitted group.

H Munster more than 1 year ago

Okay let me get this right,

Okay let me get this right, we were against Bush's war, but we're for our guy's war because Obama is one of us. I'm reminded how we blasted Bush's endless trips to Crawford, and fund raising antics. But when our guy flies endlessly to Hollywood, and plays as much golf as Eisenhower, it's cool. When we blasted Bush about are his secret dealings under the Patriot Act, we find no fault with our guy's NSA spying. You know what, is it just possible that both these guys are the flip side of the same coin? I refuse to allow myself the luxury of Progressive hypocrisy over right-wing Fascism.

Pammie more than 2 years ago

The preemptive war promoted

The preemptive war promoted by all those who that were part of The Project For The New American Century on their discontinued website are responsible for the present internecine disaster in the Middle East. I opposed war then for oil and Israel and despite my detestation for this everlasting killing, I oppose any further intervention in a culture our " leaders then and now" know nothing about.

Chisholm more than 2 years ago

By definition, a PROGRESSIVE




Such persons are Vichy Progressives. Quisling Progressives. Imperial Progressives.

Vichy Liberals. Quisling Liberals. Imperial Liberals.


If you are FER WAR, THEN YOU ARE A GOLDMAN-SACHS/WALL STREET REPUBLICAN sometimes disguised as Vichy Democrats. Quisling Democrats. Or Imperial Democrats.

Where are the George McGoverns, Frank Churches, Ralph Yarboroughs, Hubert Humphreys, Robert Kennedys, Alan Cranstons, Eugene McCarthys, Mark Hatfields, Father Drinans, Joseph Tydingses, Albert Gore Srs, Mike Mansfields, J. William Fulbrights, Allard Lowensteins, Abraham Ribicoffs, Ernest Gruenings, Burton K. Wheelers, Martin Luther Kings, Tom Haydens, Dr. Benjamin Spocks, Wayne Morses, George F. Kennans, Gaylord Nelsons, Walter Mondales, Charles Goodells, Lowell Weickers, Joe Clarks, Howard Metzenbaums..................Anybody? Anybody? Anybody? And the phony anti-war types like Gary Hart and John Kerry just lusted for power, office, wealth and fame and rode the anti-war movement and gullibles like me only to further their power tie agendas. Kerry is especially egregious.

Summary: Anti-war is ANTI-WAR. Time for some so-called "progressives" and "liberals" and "Democrats" to get a conscience. I hear Wal-Mart has them on sale this weekend, freshly made by slave labor in Asia.

thom prentice more than 2 years ago

When citizens of Tupelo,

When citizens of Tupelo, Mississippi asked for people to come and stand up against the KKK, I went, I guess I am not a "progressive. I have acted to stop terrorism, including that practiced by the United States of America and its allies. So, it would appear that I am not a liberal. I have done my best to stop the genocides carried out against the Hazara (at least two million dead), other minority groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as in the Congo ( about seven million dead in the Congo.) I believe that the United Nations should be stopping these acts, but, I am not naive. It will take the major powers. It will not take a village, it will take a planet. The US is still killing people although it is disguised so that people can deny it. China is killing ethic Uhgiars, and the infamous 'others',, the Russians are continuing to kill the real Caucasians (most of them Muslim, some of them Chechens...). We, the Americans, are directly responsible for more than 600,000 deaths and indirectly responsible for several million in Central Eurasia in the past decade and a half. What we have allowed our government to do, has been to commit crimes against humanity. We the people, are responsible for the deaths caused by our government, for the rise of the Salafi movement, for the cellphone related slayings of seven million people in the Congo River Basin since the late 1980s, and it has been our actions, coupled with those of our allies, that has allowed these terrible situations to be what they are now. We destroyed the nation that gave more non-military aid than any other to Africa[Libya]. I am sorry. I cannot say how ashamed I am that my fellow citizens do not seem to care, and refuse to take responsibility for the deeds of their nation. I do not have the spaced needed to go into detail. If the United States has finally come to see (even a tiny bit) that it has been used, both by its own rogue intelligence agencies, as well as by extremists from states such as Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf Sultanates, Pakistan and Israel, to name a few, I think we are obligated to help those who because of our actions, face further ethnic cleansing or genocide.I do not care what their motives are as long as they stop what they have unleashed. What kind of monsters are we? Yes, I am very,very tired. The world is such a dark ugly place. I do not see any nations that I feel I could praise. I was almost ready to stop writing. No more poems, no more essays, I have to admit, suicide has crossed my mind. Then two days ago, I got a letter from Fatima, a Hazara girl, who spent her youth hiding in a cave with her sister Kobra.(When I first me Kobra, she was still in primary school. She told me stories about her childhood. Of course I was affected. So when her sister writes me and tells me SHE understands how drained I feel, and then said, you don't know what affect you have. Please don't stop. I am both honored and humiliated. (AGAIN two million of her people are dead with another two and a half million at least, having become refugees.)Her family was very lucky. Many of her relatives died, but, her nuclear family got out. I wish you could know them. Both are now at university, the first girls in their family to do so, and Kobra also works for a n international refugee program. I guess that I am by your definition, neither a progressive and certainly(by yours and mine) not a liberal. My own people have both face genocide and fought it, both for ourselves and for others. This is what I expect of a nation to which my people fled. We did not come here for economic reasons. I have always had a conscience. I am a human being.

John Charles Heiser more than 2 years ago

Progs are weenie jackoffs.

Progs are weenie jackoffs.

H Munster more than 1 year ago

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