Investigation by The Progressive Leads NLRB to Bust Menards for Labor Law Violations



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I have been a loyal Menard's

I have been a loyal Menard's customer for many years. Although I am not familiar with the union issues, the employees certainly seem to be happy and most are long timers. This company has better lumber at better prices than the competition. If some employees are unhappy, they are free to work elsewhere - with Iowa's low unemployment rate a good worker has many opportunities.

Don PAULIN 166 days ago

I work at Menards, not as a

I work at Menards, not as a manager. My impression is that this is a greedy lawyer. I feel like unions are there to protect employees from abuse by their employers. Menards treats it's workers very fairly from my experience. They start people at $10 per hr, compared to WalMart who has only recently raised its starting wage to $9 per hr. after being heavily pressured We also receive weekend pay, an extra $2.50 per hour. Part time employees enjoy dental insurance, and full time dental and medical insurance. John Menard sends all 45k employees gifts periodically. I've received a nice Menards hat, and a silicone oven glove which are just random gifts, he also sends everyone something on their B-Day. Sure it may not sound like much but he's paying for 45k hats, oven gloves ect , and that adds up. The managers at Menards were working 12-14 hrs a day 6-7 days a week during storeset. That's a pretty grueling schedule, but at Menards all managers are paid HOURLY, so they don't put people on a salary and work them to death for a low set pay. What I'm trying to say is that most of us Menards employees are pretty happy, because were treated fairly, and decisions at Menards seem to be based on people AND money vs most corporations motto of money over everything. So do you need a Union to protect you when the owner is doing the right thing already? I mean if your paid higher than the average retail employee, given benefits that the average retailer does not offer, and treated with respect why do I need a Union to come in and protect me from the company that's already doing what's right? I respect Unions, but they should go after places like WalMart that treat their team members like garbage, and stop trying to squeeze people like John Menard who are trying to do the right thing. I don't agree John Menard on many of his political views, but as far as a acceptable respect and compensation level for his team members, we see eye to eye, he's very fair.

Jesse Brennan 207 days ago

It is "Office and

It is "Office and Professional Employees International Union"

Jessica 351 days ago

.10 raises every 6 months.

.10 raises every 6 months. When I left my health insurance was 400/month for a single person. That was 2008. The claimed they were paying "half". They routinely interrupt lunches. Prevent leaving the property for said lunches. My contract stated "department manager must be on the property during all business hours." Our hours over the weekend were Friday 12-10 sat 7-9 sun 8-7. 1 manager on duty the whole time. Unable to leave. Leave the property and you got fired. You also had to be available. That's facts. No exaggeration.

Becky L 355 days ago

There's only one NLRB office

There's only one NLRB office in WI (Region 30 in Milwaukee). If you filed your complaint in WI, it was handled by the same office,

Kathy 360 days ago

I can't wait for someone to

I can't wait for someone to find enough to bury John Menard. He is the absolute worst employer in the midwest and is out of control. He needs to realize he doesn't OWN everyone. I personally hope he goes to prison for something!

Anonymous 361 days ago

Unions are pure evil. A

Unions are pure evil. A cancer upon any business or parasites looking for a host, choose your metaphor. Businesses should avoid centralizing any function in a single location. Once struck, the best strategy is to shift the work and shutdown the infected operation. Then you need to open another site in anticipation of the next attack.

Larry Hickey 362 days ago

You don't know what you are

You don't know what you are talking about. I take it you have never been part of a Union. You like your 40 hour work week with overtime after 40 hours? You like the fact most jobs not all give you the weekends off I won't mention vacations because that is still up to the employer. Workers Comp and health care.

I worked for a union for many years except when I was in the military. I was always treated with respect by my fellow brothers and sisters. Unions become an extended family and are there for you in a time of need. When others are in need be they union or not we are there for them as well.

You know nothing about unions and union pride. Proud to be a retired member of IATSE and if you don't know what it is then Google it.

Rocker 358 days ago

Just ANOTHER reason I don't

Just ANOTHER reason I don't shop there! Their anti-union activity GALLS ME. Fine them $10 million and publicly EXPOSE their CORRUPT actions!

Mark Potter 362 days ago

Having worked on a job for

Having worked on a job for Menards they insist on no union workers on their jobs, dispite the repurcussions that could
arise concerning Safety issues , not to mention pay......

Marie 362 days ago

I have heard that the anti

I have heard that the anti-union class prosperity 101 was also taught at menards. John Menanrd is attributed on this web site with endorsing this course with a testimonial. I thought that this was also illegal so I'm passing it along in case it might be helpful

Christine McDonough 362 days ago

Damn, that's some pretty

Damn, that's some pretty impressive advocacy journalism, Mr. Lueders.

Michael Cummins 362 days ago

I wish the NLRB office near

I wish the NLRB office near me would take things as seriously.

They dismissed my case without any investigation and didn't even care that I could prove that my employer lied to them.

They continue to treat workers the same as I was and the workers don't dare turn to the NLRB because they don't think they will be taken seriously.

Joe Walker 363 days ago

Keep contacting them until

Keep contacting them until you reach someone that does something or Bring it to the local paper.

Anonymous 361 days ago

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