In Immigration Debate, Candidates Stake Ground but Miss Point



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Regarding the status of

Regarding the status of Undocumented Laborers or, previously, as know by the former designation, "Illegal Aliens," we in the United States, both Democrats and Republicans, for decades have knowingly and proactively hired these vulnerable workers at a fraction of then-current minimum wage laws and then pretended ignorance as to the workers' immigration status.

Twin supposedly axiomatic ideas were cycled through the public consciousness until they became conventional wisdom:

1). Undocumented workers take jobs that no American wants.
2) It is impossible to adequately and accurately verify the legal status of people who present false identification.

The first is deliberately misleading because it was designed to circumvent the concept of minimum wage law. In reality no American will accept a job that only pays $2/ hr, far below market value, not to mention Federal minimum of $7.25.

Secondly, given that employers who hire undocumented workers offer $2/hr. they are already fully aware of their immigration status. That's why they hired them in the first place.

The employer gets the benefit of paying meager, illegal wages, 60-80 work weeks with no overtime pay, no benefits and no legal rights. And when an abused employee has a grievance the employer fires them with no real fear of reprisal.

John Spaulding more than 1 year ago

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