Hundreds Protest Trump, Sexual Assault in Madison



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I believe that sexual assault

I believe that sexual assault happens. I believe that athletes/celebrities have and do take advantage of women (Donald Trump just was caught talking about it). I believe rape is a sad and serious issue that needs to be addressed with women standing up and making their voice heard (not years later but right then, right now). I believe that women can take a position of well I did drink too much or well I don't remember this or that, or well I was dressed a little too sexy and I say - enough of that... Not speaking up is never the answer!! They say many rapes are done by someone you know - so again make noise people - but because it's an issue and has been an issue... Not because the Presidential race and your dislike of Donald Trump! Protest that the university doesn't do enough to support women - protest that we/women won't be silent anymore - don't associate this cause with some stupid crap that was said by someone x number of years ago (very similar to the stupid Bill Cosby saga)... Present moment - don't allow another female to be assaulted without committing to empowering everyone you know to make noise for change!!

Donna 138 days ago

This just makes me sick.

This just makes me sick. Apparently democracy is only for those selected group. They are making this about racism when it is not. They lost and they can't accept it.

ever4lasting. 138 days ago

The best part about this

The best part about this picture is the sign that says "NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOW OLD, WHITE CAPITALI MOFOS WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF" - held by an OLD WHITE man carrying a SHOPPING bag.... The irony...

Anonymous 139 days ago

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