Holding Saudi Arabia Accountable Boosts the U.S. Peace Movement



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a really bad law

a really bad law

james lamm 203 days ago

I totally agree with this

I totally agree with this author. Saudi Arabia needs to be monitored.

John R. Huff Jr. 206 days ago

But golly gee, don't you know

But golly gee, don't you know that terrorism means big business for arms dealers and manufacturers and gosh, the U.S. A. is the biggest of them all!! So please tell us why the leaders of this country would have any desire to stop arms sales to the Saudi's? And don't you know it provides all kinds of jobs for people so they can feed and clothe their children? Who cares if one of those bombs or bullets kills an innocent mother, father or child. Its helping the economy isn't it?

steve k. 206 days ago

This particular Pandora Box

This particular Pandora Box has been opened and hopefully with it comes the concerted responsibility of all peoples, systems, departments, ... involved. Potential for critical foreign diplomatic policy entanglements as well as convoluted tentacle reaching legal and otherwise pursuits, are seemingly inevitable and a major error (bipartisan vote not withstanding) of the Republican majority House and Senate. Political folly coming to roost; this makes Citizens United go on the back burner.

Anthony Look 207 days ago

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