Hillary, Bernie, and the Progressive Question



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Vote for Bernie: Elect Trump!

Vote for Bernie: Elect Trump!

Bernie has made some very important critiques but he promises what he cannot deliver. Elizabeth Warren would never make the irresponsible promises Bernie is making. Warren is a highly principled pragmatist and Bernie is an idealist.

Bernie is a 74 year old man cacooned in a progressive state. The Republicans are protecting him right now because he is their preferred candidate. In fact, he is doing their work for them. If Bernie made it to the general election, he would encounter attacks so overwhelming and vicious that he would go under and take the progressive platform with him.

Nader ran on the same rhetoric and sadly contributed to the victory of W. Bush. If Gore had won, we would have avoided the Iraq War and made a real difference on climate change. McGovern did the same thing. It is significant that Bernie's appeal is concentrated on the young who tend to lack an historical overview backed by lived experience.

We have to have a little context here and see how far right the Republican field has moved. We also have to see we are not living in the times of FDR, Johnson or even Eisenhower where the environment provided deep support for the kinds of policies Bernie is pushing.

I worry that out of extreme idealism progressives are going to lose the farm to eat pie in the sky.

Michael Godfried more than 1 year ago

I have a deep respect for

I have a deep respect for and affinity with feminists and other humans, that believe it is long over due that a woman be in the White House. I have a mountain of indignant hostility that Hillary Clinton would not step back and let any other woman have a shot.
IF she is bright as is opined, then a serious look at how putting all the humans in the same risk pool (single payer/Medicare for all)is clearly the best economics and resonates with that persistent founding principle of equality. She has dropped that ball for 20 years !
Women fought thru the 70's and 80's to establish a cause of action against an employer for sexual harassment. If Hillary had forced Bill to resign for this -never charged-clear abuse of power and personal betrayal, then she may put "fighting for woman" on her resume, but again she enabled The Establishment. She chose to stand by her man with no hint of constructive criticism.
She has changed her mind on one war, but still wishes to kill the angry brown people on the other side of the world in the name of "Defense". The only thing she wants "to keep safe" is The Establishment.
I have reservations about Bernie. When the Democrats start spending money to defeat him, will he turn Green and support Jill Stein a real woman, and a real progressive? He'd make a fine VP in my opinion. Or will he go back to his room in The Establishment leaving millions of fresh citizens with the bitter taste of defeat and humiliation stuck in their generational craw?

I don't trust the vast majority of elected democrats & pundits. Bernie knows this energy is actual and that radical change is necessary-he needs to see a way to November. And never
support The Establishment, but fight them, because they need to be fought. He can leave the Democrats, it's a free country isn't it?
I really think the Democrats should sit this one out. They'd be spoilers.

Tom Larsen more than 1 year ago

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