Highlights from Fighting Bob Fest: Chris Hedges



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What are the lies Chris

What are the lies Chris Hedges is talking about? That 4005 rockets were launched against Israel in 2014 alone? That 804 Israeli civilians have been killed by suicide bombers blessed by Islamic extremists like Hamas? Isn't it true that the reason more Israelis haven't been killed by rockets and mortars fired at them is that in Israel there's a bomb shelter on nearly every corner, where people can duck in and avoid death and severe injury from rockets that land in Israel? That Israel permitted the importation into Gaza of 10,000 tons of concrete, believing it would be used for construction of roads, schools, and hospitals, but was instead expropriated by Hamas for the building of tunnels into Israel to enable more successful suicide bomber attacks in the killing of civilians? That Hamas and other Palestinian extremist groups are training children to be soldiers?
Is the Hamas Charter I read on the Internet all a lie, or does it call for the killing of Jews and cite the notorious and fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion as its go-ahead to kill every Jew? Is the destruction of Israel and the establishment of an Islamic state not in the Charter?
Maybe that if Hamas would have dedicated all that concrete to the building of bomb shelters instead of building tunnels ultimately aimed at killing Israelis, not so many civilians would have been killed and injured in Gaza? Or maybe if Hamas would have opted for peaceful and constructive coexistence with Israel, none of these questions would even come up?

Williajm Winkelman more than 2 years ago

Yeesh, what a little

Yeesh, what a little Robespierre.

JKK more than 2 years ago

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