What Happened to the Cease-Fire in Gaza?



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Uri, This is a very

Uri, This is a very interesting but incomplete article. 64 Israelis lost their lives. Very Tragic. Thousands of Palestinians dead and injured? Very Tragic Omission.

Uri, the simple question is this: Is the life of an Israeli more important than the life of a Palestinian? Yes or No? You seem to have chosen Yes. And that, my good friend, is the real tragedy!

Walle A. more than 2 years ago

Excellent article that

Excellent article that explains the complicated situation for people overseas, for us it is very difficult to understand why during a cease-fire, Hamas launches rockets, knowing that for one that does no harm, they will be receiving thousands that will destroy buildings, and worse than that kills too many people. This article explains it brilliantly. Netanyahu at the same time is locked in a no-way road, no matter what he does, he is in real trouble and his country is no longer respected by the international community, boycotts are punishing Israel hard, that is the way most people condemn Israel... in a few months the people inside Israel will understand the crisis was created by themselves. Also the country should be prepared to be taken to trial for war crimes, if that happens, Palestinians had much more victims, a ratio close to 1:40, but would have the victory over a country considered world wide as genocide. Interesting that having profited so much from the holocaust, ended up doing as Hitler and now the victims will be victorious.

Flora Fernández more than 2 years ago

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