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This Suzie (that would be me)

This Suzie (that would be me) is surprised that her beloved magazine, The Progressive, has included an article that states that Hillary Clinton "clinched" the nomination, when, in fact, she is still only the "presumptive" winner. Further, she is not a winner at all, but, with the help of that duplicitous DWS and the DNC, the beneficiary of a corrupt, purloined election in which the exit polls show that she likely did NOT win a damned thing.

I'm seriously disappointed. MSNBC always seemed so "un" Comcast, but it seems that Comcast owns Rachel Maddow's soul now. Does Comcast own The Progressive, too?

Suzanne Jarnagin 313 days ago

How is it progressive to call

How is it progressive to call the nomination before the convention? And how is it progressive to ignore Jill Stein's candidacy?

basilrose 313 days ago

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