Grom Social: Cashing in on Kids



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It's a gimmick, a fad

It's a gimmick, a fad

Scott S. more than 1 year ago

Why would kids under 10 be

Why would kids under 10 be influenced to go on a social media site and if you visit the site it looks about 10'years old and the chat collumn had kardishian pics. We saw that and quickly signed off. checked the Instagram and it looks like a bunch of white rich kids playing the same kids not a network of global children but a collection of 20 wanta be pro surfers. Bottom line Mark Zucherburg was a revolutionary inventor this gromsocial site is novice at best and made on a shoe string budget not in Harvard but outsourced cheaply to India. So sad how quickly a rich person can create a pocket to trap more money and yes using kids.

Paul more than 1 year ago

There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with Florida Virtual Schools advertising for customers outside its state. More paying customers means less of a burden on the taxpayer for its operations. Public schools already need parents to pay for school supplies, so arguing that public spending should not allow for the creating of private market-oriented services is silly. Where's the evidence this is some right-wing front to exploit children? The biggest exploiters of kids are actually unionized public school teachers who demand more pay while test scores decline.

Anthony Alfidi more than 2 years ago

You're an idiot if you think

You're an idiot if you think teachers are the enemy. Unions helped build our great nation. They have flaws, but protecting teachers is hardly an evil unless you are brainwashed by Fox News.

Fred more than 1 year ago

It amazes me the instant

It amazes me the instant sceptisism and envy that is placed on anyone creating any sign of progress or success that is not already embraced by a major corporation. Cashing in on kids?? I guess Target store better stop selling pencils to students. I had the pleasure of meeting the Marks and specifically Zach, he is a smart and fun kid with a bunch of great ideas and one of them was creating a social media site that actually takes children safety into consideration. Once again we watch as websites like this and individuals like the posters above reveal how afraid they are for something that may be potentially bigger then anything they thought up. And yes it was done by a pre-teen and in most individuals lifetime they may never achieve what he has already. Way to go Marks and shame on you Obviously there are not a lot of parents working in your corporation and obviously you don't understand young vibrant talent when it smacks the world in the face.

Jarred - father of 3 more than 2 years ago

Looks like yet another front

Looks like yet another front in the war against public education that Arne Duncan and the president are assisting by carrying on the practices begun during the Bush administration (and admirably exposed by Diane Ravitch, disillusioned member of the Bush Dept. of Education).

The end goal is a system of publicly financed but privately managed money-making sort-of schools that push right-wing attitudes while dispensing with civics and other classes that actually foster democracy.

Bernice Vetsch more than 2 years ago

Just another reason why the

Just another reason why the reactionaries are "pro life", wouldn't you say?

The more kids

The more money.

Doug Latimer more than 2 years ago

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