GOP Debate: Republicans Unhinged



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Brushed aside? How about

Brushed aside? How about called out? Every word out of scumbamas mouth was and IS a lie. Fake jobs reports, fake unemployment numbers, fake scumbamacare numbers ect... sadly you retarted liberals just suck in and actually believe what comes out his mouth. This presidential imposter and his boss valerie (muslim) jarrett have cause irreputable harm to this country.

Rick Kapser more than 1 year ago

Don`t conflate Obama with

Don`t conflate Obama with Sanders. Obama is a democrat. Sanders is a socialist. Obama was young, handsome and charismatic. He also represented the biggest demographic bloc in the Democratic party. Obama also had the support of the DNC which Sanders does not. Hillary is leading Sanders by 25 points in 2 recent polls. Hillary appeals to people of color unlike Sanders. Sanders may appeal to the young but a lot of them don`t vote. You really exaggerate the appeal of Sanders.

Reba Shimansky more than 1 year ago

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