Global Trade: What's a Good Progressive to Do?



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You ask me to subscribe? How

You ask me to subscribe? How about info on cost, frequency of publication and sample? Here we go again and the shadowy unknown ungiven Mollom privacy policy. 290 days ago



Thank you for your feedback. The Progressive, or more accurately our publishing platform Drupal, uses Mollom as an app that filters out spam and harmful links from our comments. Preview allows you to see how your link will appear, while "save" is an equivalent button to "submit". The link you saw asking you to subscribe was asking you to sign up for our free newsletter which links to interesting content from our website each week. You can find information about how to subscribe to our magazine by clicking the tab labeled "subscribe" under our logo.

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All I want to do is get more

All I want to do is get more info on the progressive stance on global trade. I know nada about the Mollom privacy policy and a click on preview did nothing. Is this website is an indication of your performance? Let's see. You say " by submitting this form""
I am accepting the Mollom privacy policy. May click choices are "Save" and "Preview". Already clicked on "preview" just to get this far. Don't know what "Save" does instead. No "Submit" choice. Went nowhere clicking "Preview". Will now try "Save". 290 days ago

The greatest beneficiaries of

The greatest beneficiaries of free trade are brown people in the developing world. In 1990, about 40 percent of the developing world lived in extreme poverty. Today it is less than 20 percent - almost a billion people escaped life-threatening poverty. And yet my fellow progressives join the far Right and pretend that buying and selling stuff across human-made borders is the greatest evil in history. It makes sense for the Right - they erroneously assume that if brown people in the developing world are getting wealthier than white people in the rich world must be getting poorer. It only makes sense for a supposed progressive to be against globalization if they are fretting that too many brown people in the developing world are using electricity and eating. If that's the worry, level with us: Are you saying that the developing world must stay poor?

You mention Mexican farmers out of work because of inexpensive grain from the US. Mexico is 80 percent urban - why do you want 80 percent of Mexicans paying more for food?

Were we to magically reverse globalization the poorest on the planet would suffer the most. Low-income Americans would also suffer, as they would pay more for everyday items. The rich would suffer the least, as they spent a smaller portion of their wealth on everyday items.

P. 290 days ago

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