The Fukushima Nightmare Gets Worse



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To suggest that electricity

To suggest that electricity is cheap and clean is being misinformed at best and hypocritical at its worst.

There are 6 Nuclear power stations in Canada. Three in Ontario plus the one in Chalk River, 2 in Quebec, and one in New-Brunswick. However, nuclear plants usually have multiple nuclear reactors.

Canada has about 19 active Nuclear Reactors, most of them in Southern Ontario. All of these reactors generate huge toxic radioactive waste including the reactors themselves that will remain radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years. So who will pay the piper for all that? How many generations of people will die as a result of the cancers generated by the world wide us of atomic reactors?

Nuclear power in Canada would be non-existent were it not for the mega-billions of taxpayers dollars stolen by politicians to build them. It also costs multiple billions of dollars to maintain them and then to shut them down. Never mind getting rid of nuclear waste; you never get rid of nuclear waste; it remains toxic to humans for hundreds of thousands of years. The best way to get rid of nuclear waste is to ship it to the sun.

Nuclear power is the most dangerous and toxic method of producing electricity. Must I mention the events at Fukushima (Japan), Cehrnobyl (Ukraine), and how about Three-mile Island (US). There are hundreds if not thousands of event every year where operators of nuclear plants fail to disclose hazardous events at their plants. The US is the biggest culprit with 99 Nuclear Rectors.

Chernobyl and Fukushima will cause the death of hundreds of millions of people worldwide and has already contaminated hundreds of millions of acres of land. Fukushima will require at least another 50 to 100 years to clean the site, but then where does the contaminated water, soil, air, and rain go to. Where will they bury all those insanely radioactive materials.

Cancer will never be eliminated because of Nuclear Power. Severe increases in cancer related diseases began appearing in the world at the onset of the development of nuclear power by the US. After bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki the US channelled billions into developing nuclear plants to ensure they had a good supply of lethal radioactive bombs. That is the only reason for having nuclear power today; it has nothing to do with being clean and cheap. In fact if you factor in all the taxes and costs to make electricity; it would be totally uncompetitive in the market. There would be no market for electricity generated by Nuclear Reactors.

By the way, people should not forget that the US used depleted (more falsehoods) Uranium to target tanks and other structures in the Iraq invasion and others. They freely admitted to that and the contamination has spread everywhere they shot enemy tanks and structures. They are fighting all attempts to determine the health effects on the Middle Eastern population. They claim that it is no worst than background radiation. Using depleted uranium in weapons and armour is like using rat poison to wash your hands.

What is Canada's role in the Nuclear industry. Canada produced around 22% of the world's uranium, it being the highest grade and having the largest reserves of it. Now Kazakhstan produces more than Canada. Production comes primarily from the McArthur River and Cigar Lake mines in northern Saskatchewan.

One final point. Our sun occasionally lets go giant solar winds and flares that blow across the Earth. It has been scientifically noted that thee is very serious probability that one of these events will destroy hundreds of massive electrical transformers that supply electricity to the entire North America electrical grid. The construction of these huge transformers requires a full year, and each one costs around 1 million dollars. No contingency plans are in place. No electricity also means no oil.

A solar wind event will destroy most of these transformers meaning that electricity will stop flowing. Nuclear plants have a very limited backup strategy for electricity and it will last at the most a couple of weeks to one month if we are lucky. What that means is that all the nuclear rods that are stored in pools of water will no longer have water flowing over them to keep them cool including the reactors. That means they they will ALL blow up contaminating the entire US and Canada with nuclear debris; we shall all die from exposure to radioactivity.

Now is a good time to start shutting them down. Protesting will not help you. They must be shut down

Yeoshi Yamamoto 274 days ago

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