The Four Most Compelling JFK Assassination Films



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"Conventional thinkers" - How

"Conventional thinkers" - How the hell can the minority be 'conventional'? Surveys show that over 60% of people believe Kennedy was assassinated by the US government using a 'second gunman' on the grassy knoll, and that figure is rising every year - so how the hell are those of us that don't believe this fiction 'conventional'?

This is the problem with people who believe in thinks like the JFK 'conspiracy'; they think they're the 'non-conformists' the 'free-thinkers', the 'rebellious', when in reality they're the ones who are engaging in group-think, hive-mind mentality and conformity.

Jai_86 217 days ago

I have researched the JFK

I have researched the JFK assassination for nearly 30 years (yikes the time goes fast!) and have read the full Warren Commission report, gone through all of the testimony and exhibits in the 26 supplementary volumes of the report, and have read the details reported in the House Select Committee on Assassinations material, seen dozens of documentaries, read dozens of books from both sides of the argument (pro-WC and pro-conspiracy). When it comes to solving a capital crime truth is the most important objective. If truth is not the most important objective than any investigation is doomed before it even begins. The main problem with the WC was that they started with a preconceived conclusion and sought only to find ways to make the evidence fit that conclusion, much like a prosecuting attorney, rather than examining the evidence in an unbiased way and following the evidence regardless of where it lead. The belief that the WC is wrong is not just held by irrational couch critic 'conspiracy nuts' because after a few years three former members of the Warren Commission itself, including Chief Justice Earl Warren himself (who had also been an accomplished District Attorney and Governor of California), stated publicly on record that they believed Oswald could not have been the lone assassin. Every time I am asked by others what is the one best piece of evidence that proves a conspiracy my answer is an easy one: the spacing of the shots. In terms of criminal law a "conspiracy" simply means that more than one person is involved in the planning and execution of a crime; that's all it means - at least two people plan and execute a crime. The spacing of the shots proves that Oswald could not have been a lone shooter (if in fact he was shooting at all). There are nearly 30 witnesses on record both in print and on video stating that there was a long pause after the first shot, and that the last two shots were virtually on top of each other. Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman who was riding in the passenger seat up at the front of the very limo where JFK was killed had, in his Warren Commission testimony, used the best description of this double shot - he said it sounded like a sonic boom. If you've ever heard a sonic boom you know what that double "boom-boom" sounds like. The only way a shooter could shoot two bullets in such rapid succession is if they used an automatic weapon. There is zero evidence for an automatic weapon being used in the JFK assassination. When you combine this fact with the five dozen witnesses who said shots were coming from the front of the limo then you have the sufficient evidentiary justification legally required to begin investigating a conspiracy. Determining the scope of the conspiracy requires investigation. Determining who was involved, and determining why the crime was committed requires investigation. But that there was a conspiracy (in the legal sense of the term) is beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt. Note, "reasonable doubt". That means a doubt raised upon the use of reason, facts, and logic. To conclude that: 30 witnesses of a double "boom boom" shot plus (+) 80 witnesses of a shot from the front of the limo logically equals (=) at least two shooters is indeed quite 'reasonable'. In fact, to not even consider that the evidence demonstrates this possibility would be the definition of 'un'reasonable. Given all of the facts, and the things we know in 2016 that were not known in 1963, the only way that one could create a "reasonable doubt" of a conspiracy - again, a REASONABLE DOUBT, a logical, factual, intelligently analyzed doubt - is to act as a prosecuting attorney and find ways to twist the facts to fit a preconceived conclusion. A person in search of the truth would take the sound of a double shot and dozens of eyewitnesses to a frontal shot to be justification for thorough investigation into the full story. But a person whose goal is to condemn an accused person would instead take the time to find justification to weaken the claims of the eyewitnesses because a prosecuting attorney's goal isn't to find and establish truth, it is to find ways to make the accused appear guilty, even if that means ignoring alternative evidence. There is no reasonable doubt of a conspiracy, there is merely reasonable doubt as to the who, when, how, and why. Those factors need to be officially investigated.

Eric Patterson Dayton OHIO 231 days ago

The conspiracy is real, the

The conspiracy is real, the reason why they denied the world the Zupruder footage for 13 years, was because if you watch it any sane person can see that the're shots coming from the back and front. And if there is a shot coming the front as well then that mean there is more then 1 person which means conspiracy. The warren report lied it was all bullshit. It was a conspiracy within a sect of the military industrial complex the cia and fbi and mafia. We already know the cia have worked with the mafia to kill castro and have worked together many times before. America experienced a coup in 1963 and the media in collusion with the government and military covered it up to save their banana republic.

Victro 248 days ago

Great movie opened my eyes

Great movie opened my eyes seems very plausible that something similar happened.My theory is someone who knew exactly happened advised on this film.

M tolstoy 363 days ago

A fictional movie full of

A fictional movie full of myths, misconceptions and inaccuracies 'opened your eyes' did it?

Why don't you go watch Loose Change and have your eyes 'opened' to some more nonsense.

Jai_86 217 days ago

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