A Former Police Chief: Put Down the Big Stick



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Laws are nothing more than a

Laws are nothing more than a disgusting tax code. Police are crackers for the greedy. As laws are unjust and there are few actual crimes, few actual victims, then no person should ever become a cop. Cops are simply unnecessary and always have been.

M. Stewart 290 days ago

Your comments are right on

Your comments are right on and I commend you for your article and your service. However, Our country has become a militarized police state and the police from the bottom to the top have forgotten who they work for: namely, the American Public of all races. I live in Indiana and the police are rude, angry for no apparent reason and determined to give the nearly all citizens citizens except those in positions of power above them a hard time. Somewhere along the line the Tail (all our public servants) started wagging the dog (the American Citizen) so to speak. It would be nice to see things change but the change needs to start with the POLICE DEMILITARIZATION, DEESCALATION AND THEIR APPRECIATION TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC FOR THEIR OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE. ALL POLICE AREN'T BAD BUT THERE IS A DEFINITE LACK OF RESPECT FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZEN. WE WILL NOT EVER SUBMIT TO OUR GUNS BEING TAKEN BY FORCE OR A NEW WORLD ORDER OR FOREIGN SOLDIERS UNDER A UN BANNER DECLARING WAR AGAINST US CITIZENS OR THEIR TRYING TO TAKE AWAY ALL OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.. I DON'T CONDONE VIOLENCE AIMED AT POLICE. THE AMERICAN CITIZENS CAN'T TRUST THEIR LOCAL POLICE OR THEIR CURRENT GOVERNMENT AS THEY EXIST. PERIOD! OUR PRESIDENT IS DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY WITH HIS ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT INVASION AND ALL HIS CURRENT POLICIES. WAKE UP AMERICA. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. VOTE IN NOVEMBER OR MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. THERE WON'T BE ANY RESEMBLANCE LEFT OF THIS ONE IF WE GET THE CONTINUATION OF MORE OBAMA POLICIES. I am not an extremist. I am former Military. I love my country. I am disgusted by what this current administration has become. I would like to believe that all could be treated equally and fairly. However, we have been trying to accomplish this for over 200 years and we still haven't gained much ground. I don't see much hope for our country as it stands. Barack Obama and his version of change only made things worse all the way around. ALL LIVES MATTER NOT JUST BLACK LIVES. I AM A WHITE AMERICAN AND PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN IRREGARDLESS. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR FORUM AND YOUR SERVICE.

A Citizen 4 Truth 290 days ago

you're one in a million.

you're one in a million.

LJ Majestyk 291 days ago

From Reagan's "welfare queen"

From Reagan's "welfare queen" fantasy and Bush I's Wiily Horton campaign ads to the majority party's obstruction of every initiative President Obama has introduced, and the deliberately planted paranoia which has armed the most volatile among us, it's glaringly obvious that racism is deeply planted in our politics. We are reaping the harvest of hate. Until conservatives stop fomenting racism to get votes, this nightmare won't end.

Susan Fiore 291 days ago

Chicken or egg? Do they fear

Chicken or egg? Do they fear the police because they of defiance, because the chose to ignore rules, didn't have a father figure, were never taught to respect the police, and don't want to get 'caught' ---or---because they fear police is this why they act this way? Behvior (and crime problems) draw police attention-it isn't about color!

NormJahn 292 days ago

I remember you in Madison

I remember you in Madison having lived in the area for 30+ years. Thank you for your wisdom. Why our weapons continue to improve and strengthen at such a greater rate than our moral and intellectual and social consciousness I will never know. It just does. But we have justified violence to others in the name of faith,nation and fear .And the blindness of our own sins is proportionately amplified and turned to point out other peoples wrong doings. Yet the one thing ,the only thing we can control ....IS OURSELVES. Wether officer ...or minority citizen or country or faith its in your hands to control yourself and that is the responsibility that should come first. I remember my daughter at 5 telling my wife and I once she caught us arguing "just take care of yourself guys, Just take care of your selves".

Greg Jacobs 292 days ago

PLEASE, come back, Mr. Couper

PLEASE, come back, Mr. Couper! We need you badly!!

Nira Scherz-Busch 292 days ago

Thank you. THIS is what we

Thank you. THIS is what we need more of. Too often I've seen good police refuse to condemn the bad apples.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Starshadow 292 days ago

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