Five Things You Should Know About DNA Exonerations




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So, years late to this empty

So, years late to this empty party, but just wanted to drop in to point out that the 2 to 8% false rape number is pretty much complete bullocks. It's a reference pyramid that goes back to one source that sourced a source that sourced hearsay.

But even assuming it's true, at 2% it means more men are falsely accused in a year than hate crimes are committed against any one group. Let that sink in a little. At 8% it's more than all hate crimes combined.

It's not misogyny to point out that this is a serious issue, and that we know absolutely nothing concrete about it. And it is very fair to blame feminists for this dirth of knowledge, as they have moved to block several studies on the phenomenon.

Nivarion 298 days ago

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