Crumbling Reactors and Other Nightmares of a Trump-Perry Energy Policy



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Nuclear Waste Alternative

From an Email:
I think its simply amazing, but the Asians understood this long ago and represented the dance of the Universe as that symbol for the ying and the yang.
Dr. Roy was in a way another Tesla and represented a great danger to the psychopaths trying to eat the earth and everyone on it. He was a political prisoner of the bankers like Tesla, Werner von Braun, and others who have come to the US with a dream and woken up to a nightmare.

No Time To Waste: E.I.S. - The Roy Process
for Neutralizing Nuclear Waste - About 18 min.

Video: Fukushima Kill List 2016

The Roy Process Patent Claim

Nuclear Storage: Explosive Developments by Chris Busby

Dennis F. Nester 100 days ago

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