Eight Things You Can Do to Uphold Progressive Values in the Coming Year



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There are more than just

There are more than just rural voters suffering from decades of a downhill economic slide since Reagan/Friedman's fiasco called the free market. It also included inner city people in all major and minor cities, It is not just the top tenth of a percent who must look realistically at what is going on economically out of "class." It is all Americans....some college educated, some NOT college educated, who, for whatever reason, are comfortable in the "Wall Street-market-investor economy. We are at a crossroads. Will we continue to excuse the exodus of US manufacturing overseas, salute Robots in the workplace, or do we want to be a nation that actually produces something besides fast food? Will we choose only the "investor nation" status and continue to be shocked when another nation gets fed up with us and wants us out of their industries? Or, will we get responsible and revalue our own people, no matter the education to make a living wage, and actually produce our own products? The suburbs whine when these lose a tiny bit of a percent. Maybe we all must fall to rebuild something besides the opportunity to invest in a non guaranteed market driven pie-in-the-sky (possibly just a scam). When social security is destroyed or placed on the market, do you really think that investors are going to care when it disappears? We are allowing the safety net for our children and grandchildren to be destroyed to feed the greed of investors for "new turf" .... What a deal for them: tax guaranteed and paid social security to bounce onto the world market and take or break. Smiling all the while, Ryan is grinning his way into destroying the security of Social Security, and discriminating against future generations, by continuing to try to raise the retirement age, Worse, the propaganda is false. It is Republican priorities that are off. Scamming our tax dollar and possibly completely destroying the only safety net future retirees may have for groceries is their game. And yet, all these folks vote for the people promoting programs that potentially will destroy their lives.

Why vote for Trump and a GOP Congress like Ryan, McConnell, Ron Johnson? Let me count the erroneous ways?
Star Power? (If he has money, he's doing something right. I'll get there too!) Anger and Misery: (I have none of that stuff, so I'll have some of it if I vote for that kind of guy.) Voted for Democrats and they didn't correct it or bring me back my union and wages, so vote GOP; that'll show 'em. I can't stand seeing anyone getting a free ride...lots of people are getting a free ride on my tax dollar. (Let them get a job! Yeah...and my wages went down. I want a raise, and they're getting my tax dollar.) Who? I don't know....well, old Joe down the street...oh he lost a hand at work. Yeah, well I'd rather give my welfare money to the corporations. They need it to bring our jobs back. (Wrong. They have used your tax dollar to provide jobs in China. Well, that makes our stuff cheaper to buy!
I need lots more "stuff." Guns, Boats, a truck or two! The kids and family need more cheap junk and stuff.

Anonymous 148 days ago

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