Dylann Roof: Emblem of America’s White Rage



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"Is it wrong of me to connect

"Is it wrong of me to connect Roof’s hate crime to the kind of rhetoric we’ve heard from our President-elect?" Yes, it is wrong to attempt to link these. Roof is an evil killer. But he doesn't represent your political opponents. Your political opponents favor a different way, but they are not evil. Attempting to link your opponents with evil is unfair, lazy, sloppy, and delusional. Instead, try to see why so many people who disdain Trump nonetheless ended up voting for him. Maybe it was because Clinton was arrogant and corrupt and unlikable. Maybe it was because we've moved so far left in recent years, and the people wanted a more moderate approach. Consider that many people see Trump as more moderate than Clinton and Obama - a sign of how far from the mainstream many progressives are. Instead of jumping to the easy racism dodge, try to understand your opponents and try to consider their point of view. They do have one, and it isn't evil.

Billy 130 days ago

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